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Title: Secret meetings
Summary: He was her little secret the past 17 months, but how long can it stay that way?
Character(s): Ulquiorra x Orihime.
Warnings: none
Spoilers: Time skip?
Disclaimer: Kubo Tite
Bete'd: by none
Chapters: ..
Notes: Oh how I wish. <3

He would come late at night usually, when no one could hear him. The first time Orihime saw him again was during the month that Kuroskai-kun was unconscious. He had come to 'Thank Her' well he never said that, but it was implied by his words. Even though he only intended to be there for a few minuets he had then started to come on a weekly basis then almost every day.

At first it was just talking, she would give him books and watch movies. He would tell her about Aizen and how he joined. It was fun almost, him being her secret; She looked forward to coming home. Something before she hated since she would be all alone when Tatsuki-chan didn't stay.

But that changed.

And then six months later it made a drastic turn.

They were talking about something she couldn't remember, debating about a movie they had just watched He thought the main character was careless and the whole premise of the movie was idiotic, while Orihime loved it; it got heated and it was funny she enjoyed it a lot, she had moved, forgetting the "boundaries" between boys and girls, her nose almost touching his and in that moment he kissed her.

It was like a slap in the face Orihime eyes widen feeling his lips against hers his eyes also open as if he wanted to see her reaction. She flew back falling onto the floor hurting her arm. Ulquiorra didn't move, just watched her flail around before standing up, one of her pins had come loose from her shirt where she now wore them. Orihime didn't know what to say as her fingers came up running along on her lips. None of them moved and after a moment, she removed her fingers as she stood up, grabbing his arm as he started to turn away she held it fro a moment before looking up at him and in a flash she leaned up, cupping his face and kissed him.

It all fell down from there.

Their usual talks and other endeavors turned into touching and kissing, something Orihime had never experienced before and had the feeling, by how he acted, it was the same for him as well. She felt awkward at times, not being able to tell her friends or Tatsuki-chan even when her friend noticed the marks and questioned her about it.

It was hard to lie to her after everything, but it felt necessary at least for now. At least, Orihime convinced herself that it was the right thing to do since she honestly did not know who they would react to this. After everything Kurosaki-kun had sacrificed but…she sighed leaning back in the bed, her legs over the cool bed sheets as she just wore a shirt and her panties, her hair tied up and Ulquiorra, still clothed, laying next to her asleep.

The first time he ever did that. She moved, laying on her side her hands under her cheek as she watched him sleep, his breaths cool and light and he looked harmless.

She laughed softly, smiling as her fingers dug into the sheet itching to move over and touch his face. She wanted and felt happy for the first time in what seemed like forever, and the shock at times that it was the last person she ever imagined too.

She wanted to tell her friends, she needed too soon before anything went farther but the words that Ulquiorra had said only a few weeks before when she let slip of her concerns. echoed in her head:

"I am not going to tell you it would work out and they would like it. I am pretty sure your nakama wouldn't approve of this at all." his voice was low in the dark room, she felt her skin shiver from how distant and cold his voice felt and after a beat of silence he spoke again, "I don't see why it matters. You're capable to make your own choices." she swallowed and nodded.

"I know."

"then do what you said at one time, Woman." his voice was soft, he didn't have to even say what he was talking about as she felt her fist twist o=into her shirt over her heart, he didn't have too at all.

She sighed as the memory faded; her eyes closing as she moved onto her stomach, pushing her face into the pillow.

"Woman." she turned when he said her name, his green eyes half lidded. He didn't say anything else as she scooted closer to him, feeling his hesitantly and still uncomfortable in touching her head.

It all started out in secret meetings, he just wanted to thank her in his own way, he didn't plan to stay at all or see her again.

Things never worked out as planned.

"Just a little longer." she said, her voiced muffled from being buried in his chest. Ulquiorra didn't say anything, his hand still awkwardly on her head his body stiff but relaxed if such a thing was possible. "Please." her voice cracked as her fingers dug into his shirt.

"I see." was the only thing he said and she let out a breath as her head turned and her ear pressed against his chest.

Listening to his heart.
Tags: pairing: ulquiorra x orihime, series: bleach, writing: fan fiction

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