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Title: Birthday Surprise
Rating: R
Summary: It's Ulquiorra's first real birthday with Orihime, and what kind of surprise does she have in store for him?
Character(s): Ulquiorra x Orihime.
Warnings: none
Spoilers: Time skip?
Disclaimer: Kubo Tite
Bete'd: by strawberries_85 <3333 Thank you so much!
Chapters: ..
Notes: Porn don't read if underage/don't like and PLEASE REVIEW!

The woman always liked doing strange things, something he never fully grasped since living with her the last 17 months. Her random stories, theories about samurai and ninja, zombies invading the world (even though he didn't understand the concept of those) and how her cooking is good and he just didn't have taste.

Especially now, in the middle of the day during lunch she pushed him into the empty library that no one used on the second floor. Ulquiorra just stared at her as she walked around closing the blinds and putting a chair in front of the door before smiling at him.

"What exactly are you planning?" his voice was low and a little exasperated, since he wasn't sure what she could be planning at all, she was more of a mystery then he realized back in Hueco Mundo.

Orihime didn't say anything as she walked over to him, grabbing his wrists and forcing his hands out of his pockets and holding them. "I wanted to do something.." she started blushing then, he could see the nervous ways her brown eyes looked down and looked up at him. "I mean it is your birthday…and I wanted to do something special.." she bite her lip as her hands let go of his.

"You're so insistent in celebrating this 'birthday', it's nothing worth celebrating." she glared at him as he said it.

"Then you can humor me then?" she smiled softly, her eyes half lidded, "since I know you'll enjoy this." she laughed as she leaned up and kissed him. It was soft, Orihime pressed against him as his hands moved and held her hips as she wrapped her arms around him, pushing her tongue slowly into his mouth at first feeling his push and slide against it, the kiss becoming more heated before she broke it.

He watched her, his green eyes half lidded as she stood for a moment, looking a little nervous before her hands pushed his shirt and sweat up, starting to unbuckle his pants. Ulquiorra's eyes widen as he moved his hands to stopped hers, knowing what she was planning. "I don't think this is a good idea, Woman." he said softly, she didn't say anything.

"I want too."

"Why? You don't seem to enjoy it most of the time." though he usually considered her being nervous, they only started to have sex the last few months and at times she still was giddy or nervous while other times she wasn't and acted as of now. Orihime looked at him, her lips tight.

"I just don't like the taste.." she licked her lips, pushing his hands away, "and I want to do this" she was blushing now. "I like the noises you make." she said softly and he didn't protest as she stopped and pushed him into one of the library chairs to get better actions as she got between her legs. He felt something in his chest tighten as he watched her move his shirts open and kiss the skin over his pants as she tried to pull down, he raised his hips slightly to help. It was awkward and cold for a moment as she just stared down at him. "If you're changing your mind tell me now." he stated his voice a little hard, not liking how even as she sat there staring he could feel himself grow hard, the adrenaline in his body already moving fast. This woman affected him too much.

Orihime took a deep breath her hand moving, grabbing his cock as she moved her hand slowly up and down. Ulquiorra's eyes closed tightly, his hand in her hair as she ribbed up and down slowly, her soft breath blowing against the tip in a breathy way as her other hand moved down, pushing and then rubbing his balls in a soft rhythm with her hand job motions.

His hand twisted in her hair more as she stopped rubbing him, pushing her body closer as she held his length with one hand as she moved her head down. Her tongue slowly coming out and licking the side of the tip, he suppressed a groan his hand pulling her hair slightly. She ignored it, when he did that it didn't bother her making her more excited as she put her mouth over the tip rubbing her tongue all around it as she moved her mouth down and then up.

Her hand that was holding him started to move, her fingers squeezing lightly at the base of his cock as her other hands moved up, pushing her bangs behind her ears, wishing she had put it up before doing this.

Orihime stopped for a moment, feeling his hand touching her neck as he pushed her hair pack. She removed her mouth, making him let out a disappointed moan to look at him, his eyes were closed but she smiled anyway moving down, her head lower as she put her lips against the side of his length, sucking for a moment as she moved her tongue up and down the length, her legs stretched out her neck hurting slightly as her hand moved under his balls, lifting them up softly as she licked the tentatively the warmth in her chest spreading feeling his hand tighten in her hair, as he shifted slightly letting out a low moan.

She loved when he did that.

She moved her mouth over one side, sucking slightly as her hand massaged the other side. Orihime felt the pressure of his hand against her head, moving her further down, her eyes widen slightly pushing back so not to bite down. She stopped, started to rub up and down again, her finger wiping the precum from off the tip, something she forgot to do earlier as since she really didn't like the taste, she stopped fumbling around in her jacket pocket for a moment, Ulquiorra glared at her flustered from her taking her time as she pulled out a napkin and wiped her fingers.

"Better then rubbing it on your pants" she smiled before moving her mouth back over, this time going faster then she did before. Her fingers pressed and pushing against his balls, she still wasn't able to fully put him in her mouth before gagging but she tried, her tongued slicking and sucking softly against the sensitive flesh, he let out a moan louder then usual and his fingernails tighten in her scalp as his hand pushed against her head again, trying to quicken her pace.

His hips started to do small thrusts into her mouth, making the pace go harder. Ulquiorra could feel the sweat on his body, the heart in his chest and stomach moving down to his groin as his hand tightened, her mouth and tongue moving and working against him in different ways, she had gotten better in making sure her teeth didn't interrupt.

Ulquiorra's eyes squeezed tight then, his hand pulling her hair as he thrusted one last time his body releasing into her mouth as he rode off his orgasm her tongue licking his length softly in a slow matter and her rubbing slowly stopped and he softened as she pulled away. Wiping her mouth and licking her lips, Ulquiorra watch her with half lidded drowsy eyes before moving and pulling his pants up but she never got up from her spot between her legs her eyes on the ground.

"What's wrong?" he said softly, leaning over and touching her hair feeling slight regret for how he pulled at it. She looked up at him smiling her arms coming up and grabbing him into a hug shocking him slightly.

"Happy Birthday!~" she said loudly in his ear before kissing him on the cheek and standing up bouncing. "I wish you didn't pull so hair though, my scalp hurts." she pouted slightly as she licked her lips again. He didn't say anything and she smiled again but more softly, "I'm kidding."

Ulquiorra nodded standing up just as the bell for class rang. Orihime grabbed his hand holding it as she moved the chair back and walked out of the room. Ulquiorra didn't say anything as they walked out though he could see her smiling, "You look happy." she looked over at him.

"I'm just thinking about something."

"Which is?"

"You're really loud." she laughed, blushing. "Good thing I picked a place where not many come to anymore." and giggled as Ulquiorra glared at her slightly, not really amused before he smirked slightly planning already for his "thank you" for the gift..
Tags: pairing: ulquiorra x orihime, porn, series: bleach, writing: fanfiction

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