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Title: Breaking Bread
Rating: G
Summary: Orihime liked doing this with friends, but it wasn't something she expected to do with someone she thought was dead.
Character(s): Ulquiorra x Orihime.
Warnings: none
Spoilers: Time skip?
Disclaimer: Kubo Tite
Bete'd: none
Chapters: 1/1
Notes: I thought the bread scene was so cute I had to do something with it for myself. <3 Please review!~

Orihime really loved her part time job, it was everything she dreamed it to be…even though as of now she was just the bread-seller; but she didn’t mind since her boss gave her the leftovers or the ones that were starting to go stale.

She would mix bean paste and jelly together when she got home and eat it. It was delicious even if it was the one thing Tatsuki-chan refused to try. But she liked it, honestly it was the best part of her job coming home and sitting down with Tatsuki-chan or some other school friend and eating bread. Even the one time that Kurosaki-kun let her in his room (she did not expect that at all) and eat it with her, something nice between friends.

And now she stared at the man in front of her, wearing his tattered Espada uniform, the shirt basically useless and showed his chest and him hollow hole and mask gone, but the tattoo remained.

Orihime’s body was stiff and nervous as she watched him eat the bread with bean paste and jelly mixture with no disgust, she couldn’t tell if he liked it or disliked it since his expression was always the same. Though he never explained why he was back since the last time she saw him…her chest tightened and she held back tears, refusing to think of what happened up there.

But she wanted to know.

“Ulquiorra..” she started, wondering why she served him with tea and bread before even asking him any questions! She had matured, Tatsuki-chan would be disappointed in her. “Why..?” she stopped when he looked up at her.

“This isn’t as bad I thought it would be.” he said his green eyes softer then before, though still hard and emotionless in some ways. “and as for what you’ll ask, I think that is obvious as to why I am here.” Orihime’s eyes moved down and looked at his chest and back to his face. Orihime felt hers redden and her heart pound against her chest in a painful way.

Orihime had no idea what to say.

She swallowed, her body shaking. “Do you want more?” was the only thing that came out of her mouth handing him another piece of bread, in which he took and bite. Her mind raced with questions and she couldn’t stop peeking at his chest.

It had been 17 months.

Seventeen months.

“Your hair looks different, doesn’t really suit you.” he munched just staring at her, she laughed smiling.

“Really? I think it does.” she touched one of her side bangs, “You changed a lot too.”

He didn’t say anything and Orihime didn’t either biting her lip and looking down, more nervous.

Orihime really loved her job, being able to have left over bread and share it with her friends, it was nice and something she loved doing. Sitting there in silence as both ate good food.

She shook slightly as she bite into her piece as she watched him drink his tea. Questions could come later she guessed as she smiled at him and licked her lips.

“Wait!” she said suddenly looking him, her expression suspicious.

“What is it?” he didn’t look startled but his green eyes widen slightly. As she moved closer as she leaned over the tray between them.

“You really like the bread and bean paste and jam mixing?” she moved her lower lip out her brown eyes narrowed.

“I have no reason to lie.” he said, “why are you acting this way? It’s annoying.” Orihime moved back staring at him stunned, her brown eyes wide.

Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad having him around, at least someone liked her cooking. She laughed as she made herself another piece. “Nothing, just wanted to be sure.”
Tags: pairing: ulquiorra x orihime, series: bleach, writing: fanfiction

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