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New Multichapter fic

Title: Surprise
Rating: PG-13
Summary: One night of passion, sets Ulquiorra and Orihime up for the rest of their life.
Character(s): Ulquiorra x Orihime.
Warnings: Pregnant/family fic
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: Kubo Tite
Bete'd: none
Chapters: 1/?
Notes: Multichapter fic. Will only last about 3 chapters, 4 at most. I plan to finish it before 2011.

Orihime’s body jerked slightly when the train stopped, but she didn’t move her brown eyes transfixed on the ground as her thoughts raced through her head; her hands fisted together to the point her knuckles

She wasn’t sure how to exactly process what the doctor told her, trying to figure out how and when...she blushed, she knew how it happened. Orihime wasn’t silly enough to believe in storks and fairies that helped women get pregnant (her brother used to tell her this, and she believed it until during a sleep over with Tatsuki-chan she learned the truth.). Her hand lifted up and touched her stomach, hard and flat.


Orihime had no idea how she would tell Ulquiorra or if he even wanted a child. Their relationship seemed to have progressed fast, too fast for either of them to stop and think of what was happening between them.

Ulquiorra came back during her senior year at high school, the problems the Xecution ended up bringing seemed to delay anything that needed to be talked about between them. And about a year or so after that ended and she started college; Ulquiorra confessed to her before leaving for Hueco Mundo again.

Orihime didn’t respond at first, shocked and confused as to what and how his feelings developed. And she was in the process of finally getting over Kurosaki-kun, and during the months he was gone helping to rebuild Hueco Mundo and start some kind of “alliance” between it and Soul Society she realized that she was also in love with him. It was different then what she felt with Kurosaki-kun, lighter and heavier at the same time.

She missed him, she missed him a lot. The way he would rudely talk to people, and how he would be able to tell her if she was doing something wrong. How he was honest with her even if it hurt.

The expression he wore on his face when he told her was something Orihime never forgot. even though Orihime didn’t respond fast enough, how her heart ached and how sluggish and slow the days afterwards felt. How she didn’t look at other guys or blush when she got more confessions during college.

At first she ignored her feelings, Ulquiorra was gone and she didn’t know when he would be back and didn’t want the feelings growing to fester and end up like what happened with Kurosaki-kun. So she dated a little, but nothing serious she didn’t have fun like she did with Ulquiorra (even though he was boring and would nitpick and “complain” about what she did, but he still did it with her.) and he liked her cooking, while these guys didn’t.

A few months after he was gone Orihime was finally getting used to it, it felt like those first few months after she came back from Hueco Mundo. Not thinking about him and living her life, until one day when she was walking home late from the bakery he was sitting right outside her apartment.

Orihime’s heart dropped into her stomach. Her hand tightening on the strap of her purse as her brown eyes widened staring at him unmoving. Orihime’s other hand that was at her side slowly moved up to touch her hairpins that sometime held back her hair on work days, an instinct act almost, which made her lips tighten as she stared. Ulquiorra looked the same though he had no mask even without a gigia, he stood there his back against the wall and his hands in his pockets, wearing clothes that looked like he got them from Ishida-kun since he wouldn’t be caught dead wearing something from a shinigami (Kurosaki-kun).

Ulquiorra turned then, his green eyes not leaving hers as she ran over to him, dropping her bag as she jumped on him. Hugging him, her fingers clutching into his shirt as she cried into it, her heart heavy and beating to the point she was having a hard time breathing but also feeling relieved and happy he was there.

That she wanted him there.

Ulquiorra didn’t move at first, his body stiffened. Even with his new ‘heart’ and living in the human world for a year, still never shook him out of his old habits as before. He was still reserved in showing his emotions or even understanding what he was feeling, there were only a few times Orihime saw him with his guard down. But now he (hesitantly) lifted his hand and touched her head, pulling her closer more as he said her name.

Orihime looked up at him then, her face red and wet with tears as she then over her tiptoes moving her up, her feet screaming from being on them all day from work, and she kissed him.

It went from there, he had come back to see her and that his work (for now at least) was done and he could do what he wanted for a few months. So he moved in with her since Ulquiorra had lived there before, and well she wanted him there since they had started a relationship. At first it was slow and sweet, fun even Orihime smiled a lot and laughed, she felt happy.

Everything it seemed in a long time felt normal and happy those first three months. And when the fourth month came around, he had to leave. Ulquiorra said he wouldn’t be gone for long a few weeks at most, and that she knew this would happen anyway so he wasn’t sure why she was crying as she clung to his arm. Orihime nodded and agreed, she was over reacting but she couldn’t help it as she hugged and kissed him good bye.

And for the next two months it was like that, he would come back a few days or even hours at a time, they had some kind of rhythm set up it seemed. Orihime had gotten used to it, especially when she knew that it wouldn’t last forever, though now he had been gone for over a month and she was starting to worry.

Even though Urahara-san had assured her that nothing was wrong in Hueco Mundo, that things were going more smoothly then ever, which contradicted what Ulquiorra would tell her, but she brushed it off. Especially since her worried disappeared later since:

That night he returned home.

Orihime was in the middle of making dinner when he walked in from the garagunta spurring her suddenly and making her jump. Her nerves were on edge as she watched him, there were a few cuts and bruises on his skin, but those would be gone in a few hours thanks to his regeneration. They sat on her small couch she had bought a few days ago, she sat telling him everything that had happened, blushing slightly when his hand touched her knee and didn’t move, his head laying back against the cushion and his eyes closed. Listening to her, just listening to her which Orihime appreciated, he always listened to her even in those early days in Los Nochas.

She stopped and watch him, the overwhelming feeling to lean down and kiss him, her chest felt warm and tight. Suddenly he moved, sitting up and looking at her, Orihime moved back blinking as his hand reached up, grabbing her chin and kissing her.

It was hard and fast all of a sudden, weeks of build up pressure, worry and even lust was pulled into the kiss as Orihime leaned back, his hand touching her in places she was never touched before by someone else, his tongue moving into her mouth, sucking on her lip making her moan and her body arching as his hand pressed against her breast. Somewhere in the back of her mind a warning bell went off, that it was going to fast and she should wait.

But she didn’t, Orihime wanted to be with him. She missed him, everything also felt so good that she didn’t want to stop. Her body warm and humming, though it hurt a little bit but being with him was all she wanted to do.

She was cold afterward, his body laid on top of her for a few moments after he finished, her hands on his shoulders, she could feel the sweat moving off of him and his hot breath against her neck. The wetness now was cool and uncomfortable, going with how she ached a little when he moved out of her.

He sat beside her for a moment not saying anything as she sat up, her arms covering her chest as she moved to grab some clothes, trying not to look at him. Orihime’s body shook slightly, her mind racing as fast as her heart did in her chest. She didn’t know what to say now, her eyes kept moving towards him as he put his pants back on not saying anything. Though his face seemed softer and his eyes a little confused as he turned and glanced at her, their eyes connecting.

But it must have been her imagination.

It was then he told her he had to leave the next day, his voice low and controlled but she could detect some kind of emotion she never heard before. Orihime nodded slowly, not moving she could feel something in her break but stopped when his hand touched her still naked shoulder, her body froze as she turned and looked at him again. For once she could see emotion on his face, as if he was struggling to say something as he pulled her towards her chest.

Orihime didn’t know what to say, only that relief ran through her veins as she turned and hugged him. Any doubt or regret forming leaving, at least for that moment as he told her he was going to be gone for a couple months and wasn‘t sure when he would return.

Then everything dropped.

Orihime’s eyes widen and mouth went dry. She didn’t know what to say as she moved and looked at him her hands touching his chest, she didn’t know what to say as he interrupted her thoughts.

He would be back and when he did it would be the last time and it would be soon. She nodded swallowing as he put her forehead against his chest, listening to his heart.

She didn’t sleep that night, or move when he left in the morning, only nodding when he said goodbye and smiling softly. Orihime didn’t feel regret for what happened, but it hurt and she knew it was too fast, that it happened too fast.

When a few weeks later she got sick.

She swallowed her eyes opening slightly, her hand still clutching her shirt And here she was now sitting on the train leaving the doctors after she used up to 5 tests to tell her what he just did. She didn’t know what she was going to do as she stood up arriving at her stop, shaking slightly as she walked to the dojo where Tatsuki-chan worked.

Praying that her friend, who had finally accepted Ulquiorra, would not over react now of all times.


“What the fuck, Orihime!?” Tatsuki yelled after she threw a chair that broke one of the office doors. “What are...where…damn it!” she yelled her hands covering her face her back turned from Orihime, who sat in the other chair her eyes on her lap and her back slightly bent, making her hair fall over her shoulders and cover her face. After a few minuets the air still tense between them, she turned around anger gone. “Oh…Orihime…” she said softly as she walked over to her childhood friend.

Orihime sat stiff, biting her lip and trying to keep the tears from spilling over. She didn’t want to cry, not in front of Tatsuki-chan, her throat hurt and was stiff. It hurt to swallow…to breath, but she opened her moth to talk only three words slipping out: “I’m sorry, Tatsuki-chan.” she sobbed slightly, she wasn’t sorry…but she hated seeing her friend so angry and hurt.

“No no no..” her friend whispered, kneeling down and putting her rough, warm strong hands on Orihime’s small shoulders. Orihime envied how strong and sure Tatsuki-chan was as her brown eyes looked up at the familiar face. Tatsuki’s hair was in a pony tail, a little shorter but still long. “You have nothing to be sorry for, Orihime.” she said, “Nothing. But….” she stopped choosing her words carefully, “what are you going to do?”

Orihime stopped staring at her, that was a question she had been asking herself the moment that doctor confirmed her fears. What was she going to do?

It wasn’t a well looked about to be a single mother, Orihime didn’t want her child to go through teasing and the question of “where is your daddy?” the same one she got though it was more of “where are your parents?” something she never knew how to answer.

“I don’t…” she started slowly, the words hard coming out, “I don’t know.” she shook her head, “I just found out, I haven’t even processed the news yet! I don’t know what I’m even going to tell...Ulquiorra.” she said his name softly, her heart hammering against her chest.

What and how was she going to tell him? Orihime wasn’t even sure when he was going to come back!

Tatsuki didn’t say anything at first and then sighed her head bending down and then looked up at her friend again, “You know what I think about him and your relationship Orihime.” she said tightly, “but you gotta find a way to tell him and figure out what you’re going to do.” she sighed, hating feeling like she couldn’t help her friend in this situation, hating that it happened in the first place and hating Ulquiorra for doing it to her. Though Tatsuki knew and understood that Orihime shared the blame as well, but she needed some time to even process what she was just told.

“I’m going to go home.” she stood up then, Tatsuki moved back giving her room. “I’m tired and I feel sick.” she smiled slightly, “I’ll be okay I’ll call you later, Tatsuki-chan.” Tatsuki nodded her hand behind her head.

“If you wait,” she started. “I’ll walk you home.” Orihime shook her head though as she walked past the debris of the door and chair.

Orihime pushed back a piece of her auburn hair, “It’s okay, I want to be alone.” she smiled and left. Tatsuki shook her head, her hands balled into fists, knowing when she saw Ulquiorra again she was going to give that damn ex-espada a piece of her mind, as well in putting him in the hospital making sure he wouldn’t get anyone pregnant again.


Orihime sat around her house, cleaning cooking and studying to get her mind off of things. Not daring to look at her brother’s shrine or even think about what happened on her couch only 12 weeks ago.

Orihime knew if she needed too she could ask Urahara-san to contact Ulquiorra for her, that she wouldn’t have to be alone in making her decision and choice. But she needed to think, that was what she needed the most was to think about what had just happened and why.

She knew that the baby, her hand under her shirt touching her stomach, her skin was warm and sometimes she would catch herself smiling or thinking how she would work and still go to school with the baby.

Orihime was young, only about 23 years old and in her last years of college. She went to the local college for a culinary degree, she worked in the Bakery still and her Boss wanted to give her a permanent position, it wasn’t a bad job and she could live off of it and she enjoyed it.

And she wasn’t alone, she had her nakama so she wouldn’t be suffering…but she knew the stigma and her heart ached slightly, wanting to hope that Ulquiorra would be apart of her life with the baby. She loved him, Orihime even blushed at the thought of marrying him. It didn’t scare her like she thought it would, nothing when he was near or it involved him scared her.

Only the fact that he might not want this terrified Orihime.

She sighed, standing up as she walked over to the small shrine, sitting on her knees as she picked up the picture staring down at the smiling picture of late brother. Hoping that he wouldn’t be disappointed in her, it wasn’t in her plans but she wanted to do it.

“I’m sorry, Brother.” she whispered, leaning down and kissing the picture. Wandering if this was how he felt when she was born. He was her brother, but he acted like a farther or what one should act like.

It was only a few hours since she saw the doctor, she still hadn’t called Tatsuki-chan yet and the sun was setting. And she was firm in what she wanted to do, now the only thing she had to was wait for him to come back.

He said he would be back, and would be back for good this time.

Orihime lifted her hand and touched her chest, it hurt but she ignored it. As she wondered if he really meant that.


Orihime went about her life as she usually did, just taking it one day at a time not trying to worry or over things. She still had not gone and seen Urahara-san yet, which she admitted that she was scared to do. Orihime wanted more time to be firm in her decision, she knew that Ulquiorra wouldn’t be happy or excited and he might not even believe her.

And the thought that passed through sometimes was he might accuse her of cheating, since a hollow (or whatever he was now with a heart) never had a child with a human before. It was never done before, even shinigami/human children were not as common though Kurosaki-kun was proof of such a relationship. She sighed as she wiped the counter at work, wondering exactly what she should do. This was no time to procrastinate or day dream.

She walked home, her arms hugging herself from the cooling days. The doctor had told her she was about 2 months pregnant and it was now October which meant she got pregnant the beginning of August or late July and would give birth around April, it seemed like a long time but also like there wasn’t enough time.

None of her friends really had children yet or were married, the few schoolmates that did she didn’t know very well to try and lean on for support. Though Tatsuki-chan, the only one of her nakama to know about the pregnancy, was helping her. Even offered to move in if Ulquiorra ended up as the “douche bag bastard” she thought he was.

Orihime knew that if he didn’t want the child or her, he wouldn’t abandon her. His code of honor seemed high, especially know he had a heart. But she didn’t want to be his “job” something he did because he had too, it wasn’t right.

Wasn’t right at all.

When she reached her apartment, she opened the door fast, it was getting colder and she knew her apartment would be freezing. Something that would need to be fixed soon even if the landlord promised to do it. She hurried up the stairs but was also cautious as well, her hand holding the flat area of her stomach.

When she reached the door she opened it fast, the room was warm. Her brown eyes widen slightly as she pushed back her bangs, which had grown longer into her hair. Did Tatsuki-chan come over? The heat usually didn’t turn on unless she did it. Orihime ignored it, taking her shoes and then coat off and putting them in their places by the door.

She started humming her “Life’s theme” song as she turned on the lights but stopped when she saw someone laying down on her couch. Her heart almost stopped, her nerves on fire almost as she stopped moving. Too stiff to move or talk, she didn’t have time it was only three days, three days wasn’t enough time!

Orihime licked her lips, swallowing as she moved forward her hand reached out as she touched the top of his head. He didn’t move or say anything, a part of Orihime was amused and happy he was so comfortable to sleep so deeply, but she didn’t want to think about it.

Even if it was too soon, she had to tell him now.

Orihime pulled his hair, Ulquiorra’s eyes snapped open and jumped up. Orihime stumbled back as he stood staring at her his hand pointed at her, about to fire a cero.

“You’re home.” he stated calmly in his low voice as his arm fell to his side, “it seems I feel asleep.”

Orihime laughed, “You did…I didn’t expect you so soon.” she hugged herself slightly, her body shaking. She wanted to throw up and cry and run out of the room, she wanted to lie and not tell him. To spend a few normal days with him before telling and having him leave again.

But that was selfish, she couldn’t do that. Not now.

Ulquiorra stood there, staring at her with his hands in his pockets. As if he was waiting for her to tell him something important, if she was still 15 she would think he had read her mind already like how she did when they were in Hueco Mundo.

She walked over and sat on the couch, her hand moving and patting the area for him to join her, which he did. Orihime felt nervous, considering what happened the last time they shared a couch, her cheeks were flushed slightly from the memory. Her hand clutched the material of her shirt that was over her stomach, trying to calm herself.

“You look well.” he started small talk, Orihime was usually the one that started their conversations. Ulquiorra followed her lead at most unless he actually wanted to talk about something Ulquiorra to her surprise was actually quite talkative when it was on a subject that interested him. She shouldn’t have been surprised considering how he acted in Hueco Mundo but she was all the same.

Orihime smiled, “Thank you….you also look well.” she reached over and touched his arm, “no injuries?”

“I’m fine, Woman.” his voice was soft, things were awkward between them. Orihime hated how it felt she didn’t like feeling like this. Especially around him,

“Ulquiorra,” she started licking her lips again. “I need to tell you something.” her voice was thick as she gathered her nerves, wanting to take it all back not to tell him. Wanting things to be normal again and happy, that she could be kissing him right now and touching him. Feeling his body, his skin against hers, the thought made her blush and also more determined.

“Tell me what?” he looked at her, she could see some worry in his green eyes, how his mouth turned down more then usual. “You seem nervous about something.”

Orihime stared into his eyes, her mouth dry and her heart almost stopping as the words tumbled out of her moth: “I’m pregnant.”

It seemed everything around them stopped moving, the air was thick and no one said anything. Orihime watched his eyes grow larger in surprised as he processed the information. She wanted to throw up, then again she had been throwing up for weeks now so it wasn’t anything new.

Ulquiorra’s mouth opened, “You’re pregnant?” his voice low she could tell he was in shock. Orihime nodded her hands grabbing his, intertwining their fingers.

“I am….I’m sorry..” tears started to pour out as she repeated those words. Ulquiorra stared at her.

“This is a mistake.” Orihime stared up at him then, her mind racing, any nervousness or fear gone and replaced with anger as she let go of his hands.

“It’s not a mistake, don’t you call this a mistake Ulquiorra.” her words hard as she saw him stare at her. Orihime knew she was young and foolish, but it felt…she knew that the baby at least to her, wasn’t a mistake. Maybe later on it will seem so, but for that moment when she heard those words any doubts left.

It brought too many faded memories of a woman she didn’t remember saying words like that to her.

Ulquiorra stared at her, his mouth a thin black line. “That is not what I meant, what I was saying that the doctor must have made a mistake or something. Because I am sure as a hollow that I am not able to farther children.” Orihime sighed her hand reaching up and rubbing her forehead before walking over to the shrine were she had place the ultrasound and walking back over to him. Her uniform skirt moving up as she kneeled by his legs and handed him the black-and white picture.

“It’s not a mistake, I am and it’s your baby.” she watched his bone white hand hold the picture, it shook slightly but Ulquiorra didn’t shake so she knew it wasn’t him.

Or hoped it wasn’t him.

His eyes were wide as she stared at the picture, nothing distinguishable but the small arrow pointing to a small lump inside. “You’re pregnant…from that night…” he looked over at her then. Orihime nodded, she felt like a weight was lifted off of her as she moved between his legs and stood up, leaning over and hugged him. His head against her chest.

For once it seemed Ulquiorra was out of words.

But his hand lifted up and touched her back, he was not a affectionate man and knew nothing about how to react in emotional situations. But feeling the heat of his hand through her thin shirt and vest she felt she had the answer she needed and all the worry was gone from the past three days.

Orihime pulled back smiling, though she was still nervous as she fingers twirled one of her long pieces of her hair. Ulquiorra looked at her, wonder in his eyes and his face soft which seemed rare. “No what do we do?” Orihime laughed and shrugged.

“I don’t know.” she held one of his large hands in hers, pushing her fingers against his, staring at his black fingernails which once she painted her own black. Saying that now when they held hands their nails match. In which he just called he just gave her one of his looks and said nothing.

“You don’t know what couples do when in this situation?” he asked, back to his regular expression as usual as he stared at her. His voice low and tight, it seemed he was in “serious 4th Espada Mode” in which Orihime called it. She blushed, her face red as she mumbled something in which he told her to stop mumbling it was annoying.

“They get married.” she blushed harder, her voice soft and light, her eyes watching his. Wondering if the baby would have green marks on it’s face as well. Ulquiorra seemed to keep his calm now, showing no reaction.

“Then we will do that.” And stood up, making Orihime stumble slightly, her eyes wide and hands out catching herself to make sure she didn’t fall, her mouth fell open. Words she had in her head not being able to come out, out of all the fantasies she let herself had since the afternoon the doctor told her, she did not expect this. It was something she hoped for….but not so soon.

Then again, many things she wanted were happening too soon. Ulquiorra stared at her as she stared back, not knowing what to say before running over and grabbing him. Hugging him as she cried into his chest, letting everything out in tears and snot on his shirt that she sure wasn’t his (he had a habit of stealing Ishida-kun’s clothes since he said it suited his taste more then the ones she had bought him at first.) but it smelled like him.

For the first time since she found out, Orihime felt like she knew what she was going to do.

And hoped that Tatsuki-chan would let him live enough to be able to fit into the picture she had in her head.

That maybe everything wasn’t going too fast, and it wouldn’t be a mistake.
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