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Chapter 2

Title: Surprises
Rating: PG-13
Summary: One night of passion, sets Ulquiorra and Orihime up for the rest of their life.
Character(s): Ulquiorra x Orihime.
Warnings: Pregnant/family fic
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: Kubo Tite
Bete'd: none
Chapters: 2/?
Notes: Multichapter fic. And this will be longer then expected, I still have the goal of finsihing it before 2011 though.

My friend ConcreteLemonade drew 2 pictures for last chapte! Please chck them out, they're awesome: <-- warning: Adult content

And GabrielManga also drew a scene:

Link: Please review~

The rest of the night was relatively calmer, Orihime felt her nerves finally rest and she could sit and think about what she wanted to do. But the only thought that raced in her head was what he said about getting married.

At first she was happy, she wanted to do it. It was something she hoped he would suggest, not just to protect the child from the stigma because during those three days alone Orihime realized she wanted to be with him. But now…the way he asked and then said it, was he only doing it because that was what you were supposed to do?

Orihime’s eyes narrowed as she pulled her long auburn hair into a pony tail, she was getting ready for bed. After they talked Orihime cooked and Ulquiorra talked some of what he was doing in Hueco Mundo, the talks between the Gotei 13 and the surviving espada (Nel, Grimmjow, him, Nnoitra and few arrancar that didn’t make it to Espada ranking before the war started). And what was going to happen, it was interesting since he was strong on the point that another shinigami wasn’t going to rule them again.

Things though were taken care of to the point the could stay away as long as he wanted, Grimmjow had too much pride to call on him anyway. Ulquiorra didn’t care since Hueco Mundo held nothing for him. He looked at her when he said that, making Orihime blush and then giggle like she was a teenager again.

She looked at herself in the mirror, pulling her small tank top down. The sleeping arrangements between them was awkward still, she wanted to invite him in her bed but wasn’t sure what would happen. And she defiantly couldn’t do it with this thought pervading into her head of why he said he would marry her.

And was it even marriage proposal? He said he marry her, but he knew when that would happen. She bite her lip staring at her reflection. Hating how pale and weak she looked. Her eyes narrowed again, as she turned her back to it her arms hanging on her sides as her hands balled into fists as she walked out of her room.

Determined not to sleep another night with doubts.

Ulquiorra was laying down on the couch, sleeping. He seemed he was too tired to go to his room which Orihime was almost thankful for since she wanted room and not to be distracted. “Ulquiorra!” she called out angrily. Her lips in a tight line and eyes narrowed as she ran and stood in front of the couch, he wasn’t asleep yet though like she had thought. He was laying down reading one of her books, he looked at her curious but seemingly not knowing or caring how angry she was.

Orihime stood there for a moment, her hands on her hips as she just wore pink pajama shorts that had designs of small cakes on them, her tang top a grey. Her skin prickled from the coldness of her lack of clothes, but she ignored it. The blood in her views boiling almost from her anger and nervousness.

Was she over thinking this? Shouldn’t Orihime be happy he didn’t put up a fight, leave her or like the other fears she imagined the last few days? But she knew that she couldn’t accept it, to just accept he only stayed because it was what you did in this situation.

Orihime wasn’t just thinking about herself now, it wasn’t just her now.

“What is it, Woman?” he said sitting up, “you’re angry.” Orihime resisted in rolling her eyes of him being captain obvious. Orihime breathed out calming herself as she looked for the words she was going to say next.

“Why…” she started, her hands leaving her hips coming together like she was going to pray. “Why do you want to marry me, is it just because I’m pregnant Ulquiorra?” she swallowed watching as his eyes widen, “because if it is then you might as well not do it.” her voice shook as she said that, wondering if she was actually doing the right thing and if she wasn’t making some horrible mistake. Her stomach turned as she waited for an answer from him.

Ulquiorra stood up then, making Orihime feel like she had déjà vu almost from the distance and how he stared at her. “What is making you suddenly have doubts of what my intentions are?” his voice was low and there was a hint of an emotion she never heard before coming from him. “Answer me.” he said again after a few minuets.

Orihime looked down, her mouth opening and shutting before she came up with her answer, “because of how you agreed and said it. Like it was what you had to do, no choice. Not because you wanted to…” she stopped licking her lips, “I know this is all going too fast. But I don’t want to rush into something that we’ll regret.”

“You think you’ll regret marrying and having a child with me?” Orihime looked up at him then, her head shaking.

“No, no! I wasn’t saying that…I just…don’t want you to have regrets.” her voice got small as she looked down at the ground again.

Ulquiorra stared at her for a moment before his hand reached from his pocket, grabbing her chin making her look at him. “I wouldn’t do anything that I didn’t want to do, I would think you would know this by now. Orihime.” when he said her name it was softly, it was something he didn’t do much. Either because he found it troublesome or he was too used and stubborn to change from ‘Woman’. Though she didn’t mine, her eyes welled up with tears then, her chest tightening slightly. “It seems,” he started again. “I have much to prove to get those doubts from your mind.” his lips were tight and his face soft, much different then his usual stoic stone face.

Orihime nodded, “I’m sorry…” she started opening her mouth again to explain her self and most likely babble but Ulquiorra pinched her lips together like a duck shutting her up.

“Your insistent apologizing is getting slightly annoying.” he said, “I will visit that man tomorrow to get a gigia, though I have no clue how I will pay for it since he is not the kind to give it freely.” Orihime smiled, her laugh muffled slightly. “How has your nakama reacted?” Orihime looked down.

The relations between her nakama and Ulquiorra was strange and not usually the best terms at times.

Ulquiorra, Orihime couldn’t say he got along with them. It was more of a stalemate between them, he was around them when he had too. The only one Ulquiorra seemed to actually enjoy being around was Sado-kun, and sometimes even Ishida-kun considering how Ulquiorra would take his clothes, though she learned Ishdia-kun gave them to him. He was a kind person, that’s why Orihime wouldn’t tell Ulquiorra about the Quincy cross on some of the shirts.

Kurosaki-kun seemed to enjoy that.

Ulquiorra and Kurosaki-kun had a strange relationship, they sparred and trained together. And sometimes seemed to be able to hold a conversation when it was called for. They weren’t friends, but it was better then before. She knew, and felt it too, that Kurosaki-kun had guilt from the dome and what happened. Ulquiorra didn’t like talking about it and would leave or not speak when the subject came up, only saying something when he felt was needed.

After her and his relationship started, he and Kurosaki-kun had a conversation. Orihime didn’t know what happened then and things seemed better (as it could get) afterwards between them. And that was what she wanted. Though Tatsuki-chan still didn’t really accepted Ulquiorra, especially now. And Kuchiki-san was worried at first and told Ulquiorra she wouldn’t hesitate in purifying him if he ever hurt Orihime, but accepted it.

Down to it, things were good and Orihime was happy.

But would this change that now? Would they hate Ulquiorra now? Orihime chewed on one of her nails, not noticing Ulquiorra’s expression getting more frustrated. “Woman,” he spoke, irritated, “do your friends know yet?” she looked up at him, her brown eyes widening.

“Only Tatsuki-chan knows. I wanted to…know what you wanted to do first before I told anyone else.” she said simply without blinking, it seemed like the most obvious answer to her. Ulquiorra didn’t say anything at first, Orihime sighed moving and sitting down, wrapping herself in the blanket he had out. “She wasn’t happy, you’ll have to talk to her yourself about what you’re going to do and everything. But it’s been a few days, I think she’s calmed down.” she smiled at him, laying her cheek on her covered arm. “In a few days we can call our,” his eyebrow rose slightly when she used that word, “friends and tell them together.” she blushed finally feeling secure and happy in the situation.
“I see.” he sat down next to her, Orihime didn’t move or said anything, that night still in the front of her mind. They never really talked about it…since it just kinda…’happened’ between them and then now with the current situation.

Orihime looked at him and then anyway, butterflies in her stomach. Should she make the first move? It was his first night home. She took a breath and scooted closer to him, their arms touching slightly. Ulquiorra didn’t move, only too turn the page of the book he was reading. Orihime felt frustrated, after the drama he wasn’t going to try anything with her? He was home now…or did he lose passion for her while away?

Orihime shook her head, trying not to let those silly thoughts enter her head. Her hormones were getting wacky, this she knew.

“Is something wrong?” he said staring at her, his expression back to his ‘default’ mode. Orihime gave a nervous laugh.

“Everything is fine.”

“You’re shaking your head.”

“I was…shaking…bad thoughts out of my head?” she laughed when he didn’t say anything.

“What were you thinking about?” Orihime caught her breath, why did he always ask questions like that? It was annoying sometimes how he wouldn’t drop a subject until it ended in a way that he wanted. “Woman?” Orihime then stood up shaking the blanket off.

“I’m hungry!” she said in faux enthusiasm. “Are you? I want to make something, like maybe…some sushi that Tatsuki-chan’s mom taught me to make.”

“I’m not, and it’s about 12:30, should you be eating so late?” he watched her walk to their small kitchen. Orihime looked at him over her shoulder.

“The baby is hungry, I need to eat when she is! I don’t want to starve her.” Orihime started to take supplies form the cupboard. Ulquiorra then stood up and followed her, standing in the doorway and watching her.

“He must have your appetite.” Orihime looked at him again, her lips pursed out in a pout.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” she pouted, acting like her normal childish self, gone was the serious and crying women from earlier.

“Whatever you think,” was his only reply, “now tell me what you were thinking earlier.” he watched as her cheeks warmed up and how she turned away from him, ignoring the question. He sighed, wondering if she was feeling insecure about something. He wasn’t exactly sure what he was supposed to do now to reassure her of how he felt and that he wouldn’t leave. The Woman had gained low expectations of him it seemed the last few months or days, or always had them.

Orihime sighed and looked at him again, “I was wondering why you hadn’t made a move on me yet…” she looked away feeling like an idiot now. Why should she be worried about something like that? She should be happy that he was marrying her and not making the child father-less.

Ulquiorra watched her, slightly surprised. The reason he hadn’t tried anything was because he was tired, and still trying to process what was going on between her and between them. And the thought really hadn’t crossed his mind to try anything, since that night he felt…not guilt over what happened or regret. But his ‘heart’ would squeeze remembering her expression when he had to leave that morning.

It was a fascinating feeling, but he tried not to dwell on it to much, some aspects of the heart just intensified feelings he knew from being a hollow, and not enjoyable as she made it sound.

Orihime watched him, her heart pounding and her palms sweating. Feeling like an idiot and child. Did she really need to be reassured so many times? Was she weak? She hadn’t felt like this since her time in Hueco Mundo, she didn’t like it at all.

Orihime put her hand up just as he opened his mouth to speak. “Just forget it!” she tried to sound light and happy, “it doesn’t matter, don’t answer it.” she turned then and concentrated on the food her cheeks burning in shame and embarrassment.

“You should let me speak.” he said then and she could hear his footsteps come closer to her, “the reason I have not tried anything because it did not cross my mind, since there is more important things to consider.” as he said this, his hand reached out and touched the back of her neck, moving up and down on her spine his fingers were cold, it made her shiver. Then she felt his body against her back, the warmth of it filling her up, she didn’t say anything, his arms trapping her against the counter.

Orihime’s mouth dried up she tried to move and look at him. She didn’t expect this, not at all. “Do you want me to show you instead? It seems actions will get through your head better then my words.” Orihime’s face flushed more, she didn’t move when she felt his lips on her neck. The thought in the back of her mind couldn’t help go to the fact he was only doing it because…she stopped.

When did Ulquiorra do things because it was expected of him? She never met a more stubborn man in her life, especially since he was pretty firm in his opinions and what he wanted, it literally took his death for him to realize his thoughts on the heart were…’wrong’ so to speak.

His mouth was hot against her neck, his tongue warm as he tasted her. Orihime let out a small moan from the kisses, how he sucked on her skin, making her giggle slightly which turned into a small moan as his hands moved under her tank top.

She gasped her body shivering as she felt his fingers rub her stomach, her thoughts buzzing as her hand lifted up and touched his hands a word she didn’t want to say but said it anyway: “S-stop.” she bite her lip, enjoying it too much, but she had to stop it. Ulquiorra stopped, his breath heavy.

“Why?” he asked, his own head fuzzy, enjoying how her body moved under his. Orihime sighed, clearing her head.

“The baby?” she whispered, “I mean…I know it is possible but..” she looked down, she liked where it was going but she didn’t feel right. At least not this way and so fast. Ulquiorra moved off of her body then, she felt cold then as she slowly turned around, her hand holding on her arm. “I’m sorry.” she blurted, hating how many times she had said that word by now.

He looked at her, hands in his pockets. “I told you to stop apologizing, your concerns are understandable.” Orihime nodded, smiling as she walked over towards him,

“Plus, we need to get reacquainted.” she said holding his hands, before pushing herself on her toes, wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him. The kiss was slow and soft, it was the first time in over 2 months and so much had changed, it always seemed that something….life changing always happened between them.

And tomorrow was going to be an even harder day, because there was no way she could hide him being back from Tatsuki-chan.


Orihime woke up when she heard a door slam and then (one-sided) yelling happening in the living room. Her brown eyes snapped open as she jumped up from her funton, running into the living room to see Ulquiorra backed into a wall and a short woman with long black hair was standing in front of him, but they weren’t talking. It was like some weird stand off from an old American western.

It didn’t take her sleep-addled brain to figure out who it was.

“Tatsuki-chan!” she yelled running and grabbing her friends arm, “What are you doing.” Tatsuki turned and glared at her, Orihime swallowed not used to such angry eyes on her.

Tatsuki turned and glared at her before sighing, her face softening up. “Did I wake you up?” ever since she told her, Tatsuki had been…kinder? Softer more or less, like she was trying to take over as a father if Ulquiorra didn’t step up. Orihime smiled at her, kinda relieved that she was calm.

“What’s going on?” she said softly, her arms hugging herself. Ulquiorra looked at her, his eyes soft for a moment before he turned around and walked into the kitchen. “We were just having a discussion.” was the only thing he said. Orihime looked at Tatsuki-chan who touched her, making her sit next to her on the couch.

“We were just talking…” she looked at Orihime her face serious. “he told me he’s going to marry you, is that what you really want Orihime?” her voice was low and serious, her eyebrows furrowed.

Orihime’s mouth open and then shut she leaned over at first her pony tail shifting on her back and then she leaned back and nodded, smiling. She didn’t know what to say, it been a day and it finally hit her.

She was going to marry Ulquiorra…and he didn’t leave, he was going to stay with the baby and her. Her fingers folded together slightingly turning white, her body shaking slightly as the tears spilled out of her eyes.

“Orihime!” her friend yelled, “what’s wrong.” she stood up and moved in front of Orihime and kneeled. Her hands holding her friends arms as she cried silently. “Why are you crying?”

“I’m happy…it’s stupid…but I was worried for so long and now…” she sniffed, her cheeks red and nose running. Tatsuki sighed, giving her friend and a half smile.

“You always were strange….and it’s understandable.” her hands squeezed her arms, “I have to work today, but I wanted to check on you. I have some food I made and I wanted to know when you wanted to tell everyone else.”

“In a few days..” and Tatsuki nodded.

“That should be good.”

And silence went between them, Orihime dried her face, lifting her tank top and wiping her eyes. She felt like something else was said between them, but didn’t push it as she leaned over and hugged her friend. A lot was changing, more then she could really deal with, and she be in even worse shape without her friend. “Thank you.” she whispered.

After a few moments they pulled apart, Tatsuki turned so Orihime wouldn’t see her face. “I’m going now. I’ll call you later.” Orihime nodded and watched her left. She sat on the couch for a few minuets whipping her face, feeling warm before jumping up and walking to the kitchen. “Ulquiorra!” she yelled watching him eating some rice and reading the paper, his black hair was damped, he must have taken a shower without her noticing. He looked up at her, his green eyes shining as he chewed and then swallowed.

“It seems you’re done talking with her?” Orihime nodded kneeling in her spot from across of him. She licked her lips, nervous somewhat but happy. She almost felt normal. “What are your plans for today?” he suddenly asked, surprising Orihime that he actually was starting conversation.

“Um..” she sighed, “well take a shower and then…work and clean up, I want to go shopping a little and call our friends and invite them over in a few days to tell them.” she smiled at him, stretching out over the table so her head was laying on her arm, she looked like a lazy cat.

“Sounds like you have a lot to do.” Orihime nodded, and watched him eat some more.

“And you?” she finally asked.

“I need to see that man about a gigia.” Orihime’s mouth opened into a ‘o’ shape,

“You’re right…do you want me to come with you?” Ulquiorra looked at her and shook his head, Orihime didn’t say anything more as she stood up stretching, Ulquiorra watched her, his eyes studying her like it had done since the first moment he saw her in the park, her could see her once flat stomach was starting to bulge slightly a “baby bump’ is what she called it. “Well I’m going to take a shower, will you be gone when I get out?

Ulquiorra nodded as she smiled at him and waved, walking out of the room. He sat there for a few moments before standing up and walking to the door, putting his shoes and then coat on.

The Woman didn’t believe his words, it was now to show her he meant what he said.


It didn’t take long for Ulquiorra to arrive to the small shop since he sonido’d to there, arriving in seconds in front of the store. He knew that man was there, as well as that woman though it seemed she was in her cat form, sitting in the tree. He ignored her as he slide the door open, surprised to see the two teenagers there with Kuroskai’s younger sister.

They stood there facing each other, the younger girl, Yuzu he thought her name was, face turned read and the boy who hair was redder then Orihime’s glared at him,. Grabbing the girl’s arm and forcing her out of the door and then turned and face Ulquiorra. “What do you want?!” his face full of anger.

“I need to see Urahara.” he said coldly, looking down at the boy who was almost tall as him. He had no time to deal with all of this right now, not even waiting for the boys answer and pushing past him and walking towards the back door and that was when he heard his name.

“Oh, so Cifer-kun decides to pay me a visit?” Ulquiorra turned and saw the ex-shinigami standing by the boy, his fan in place over his face. Ulquiorra’s eye narrowed slightly, he didn’t like this man. He at times reminded him of Aizen-sama in the way he talked about things and how he hide information. But he pushed that aside, what needed to be done was much more important then his own personal feelings.

“I need to speak with you.”

“It seems to be that way,” he walked towards him, “lets talk somewhere privately then.” he shut his fan as he lead Ulquiorra to the back room the door shutting.


Orihime hummed her life’s theme as she cleaned the extra room in her…their?….apartment. It made her feel giddy inside as she moved boxes (being careful) and she even called out her shun shun rikka and they helped clean the areas she couldn’t.

Orihime was having fun as she walked around, she even sometimes held Enruka and practiced holding him. It was embarrassing and stupid as she rested for a moment, she pulled her bear close hugging it. Her fingers moving over the stitching softly, reliving the memory to the degree her shoulder ached somewhat. Even with Kuchiki-san’s healing there was a small scar there.

She was still holding and staring down at her bear and didn’t hear the door open or close. Too lost in her memories and tired as she imagined what April would bring for them.

“I see that bear is practice?” Orihime jumped slightly, holding the bear and squishing him between her breasts s she looked up at the man that had startled her. And there stood, in front of her was Ulquiorra but he looked different.

“Your tear marks!” she cried out jumping up. “What happened to them?” she ran towards him, he didn’t move as her hands moved up and traced his face were they once laid. Her eyes were wide as she smiled at him “so I he made it….but how?” She looked at the clock on the wall, realizing how late it was. She spent the whole time cleaning, looking at things and reliving memories, and then eating not even seeing it was now 9 pm.

“It is a prototype for me to use until the real thing is done, I am to work in his shop helping to extradite Hollows and other matters.” Ulquiorra didn’t seem excited but he never did about things, and it was a job she was sure that Urahara-san would pay him for his troubles.

Orihime smiled moving and hugging him. Happy almost as his hand lightly ‘hugged’ her back, it was something.

“he knows.”

Orihime blinked, looking up at him. “Huh?”

Ulquiorra moved his hands back into his pockets, “I told him of our situation. He promised not to say anything though he wants to see you as soon as possible, since this is the first hollow/human hybrid.” Orihime didn’t say anything at first crossing her arms still holding the bear.

“I guess that is okay.” she gave him a half smile. And then she grabbed his arm moving him to the couch and pushing him down.

“What are you doing?” he asked, tired, she was then holding that bear with the scar, he knew the story behind it. And then she moved his arms into the positions hers were just in and placed the bear there.

“We have to practice, don’t we?” she smiled giggling as he glared up at her and held the pink bear in his hands. Orihime’s hands were over her mouth, her hair in a long braid over her shoulder and in a moment there was a flash, his green eyes widen.

Orihime had just taken a photo with her sandwich phone of him cradling a bear.

“Woman…” he said, his voice tight and low as she giggled staring at it.

“My new wallpaper!” Ulquiorra sighed, his hand moving up and pinching his nose. And the weight moved and she sat next to him, moving up and kneeling on the couch by him, his face in her hands as she stared at him intently.

She didn’t say anything, their eyes connecting and then she leaned down and kissed him softly and then pulled back, her eyes still closed. “I don’t have any doubts anymore.” she said softly.

Ulquiorra didn’t say anything as he stared at her his mouth pulling up slightly, something you would have to stare at to catch.” So, this is practice?”

Orihime opened her eyes and nodded. Embarrassed now for her forwardness and actions. “you don’t have to sleep on the couch.” she stood up walking to the small hallway that lead to her room, her hand touching the wall, “that is if you want.”

Ulquiorra’s eyes followed her as she walked back there after a few moments he put Enruka down and followed her.

As of now it seemed worth it.
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