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Title: Surprises
Rating: PG-13
Summary: One night of passion, sets Ulquiorra and Orihime up for the rest of their life.
Character(s): Ulquiorra x Orihime.
Warnings: Pregnant/family fic
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: Kubo Tite
Bete'd: none
Chapters: 3/?
Notes: Multichapter fic. And this will be longer then expected, I still have the goal of finishing it before 2011 though.

Please review. :3

My friend ConcreteLemonade drew the Tatsuki and Ulquiorra confrontation from chapter 2:

Orihime shifted on her feet nervously as she stood in the kitchen; She was waiting for the rest of her nakama to arrive. So far only Ishida-kun and Sado-kun had made it to the appointed time, The other three (Kurosaki-kun, Kuchiki-san, and Abarai-kun) were in Soul Society for some kind of meeting, and Tatsuki-chan was running late since she had to meet with a parent of one of her students. Though Orihime didn’t worry much about Tatsuki-chan, since she already knew what was going to be said to everyone.

Orihime sighed again as she walked around in the small kitchen, her mind and heart racing as she gathered some tea to serve. Her hair was down but some of it was also pulled up in a bunny hair clip a birthday gift from Kuchiki-san. She wore a long skirt that had a giant pink flower on it and a pink top and the sleeves puffed out slightly reminding her of the old uniform she wore in Hueco Mundo, on the collar of the shirt she stuck her hairclips over the part where her heart was. She touched them in a nervous habit she had developed as she moved to pour tea to keep herself busy.

What if things went bad? What If they decided not to support her? At first they weren’t exactly supportive of her relationship with Ulquiorra, they went along with it since she was an adult and they trusted her. But she knew they wouldn’t be heart broken if their relationship ended, but the relationship already somewhat strained what would this news exactly bring?

“Inoue-san?” she jumped her brown eyes wide as she looked up to see Ishida-kun standing in the door way. Her wore a simple white button up shirt and black pants, his expression was soft and his hairstyle was the same was it was in the last years of high school. “Do you need help? You seem nervous.” he walked towards her. Orihime smiled, blushing slightly hating that she was most likely over reacting.

Orihime knew that her old friend had feelings for her, it took a while but during the year that Ulquiorra was gone she had figured it out but never said anything. Ishida-kun seemed content in not telling her and their friendship was strong and Orihime could never confront him about it, knowing how she would feel if Kurosaki-kun ever did that to her.

“Oh, that would be great!” she laughed smiling. “I’m really clumsy today…” which just made her more nervous, she felt so nauseas. Hoping that they would arrive soon so she could get all of this over with. But also dreading in seeing them also, but it had to be done. Orihime didn’t want to keep anymore secrets from everyone, she wanted to enjoy and brag about her happiness.

“I see that.” he said as he took the tea pot from her shaking hands and helped pour the tea. Orihime gave the Quincy a tired and nervous smile as she said ‘Thank You‘, Ishida just looked up at her and nodded continuing the conversation. “Kurosaki should be arriving soon. And it’s good to see that Cifer arrived safely.” Orihime nodded, “I’m surprised he came back so soon. You must be happy.” Ishida said, Orihime could tell his voice was a little tight. He was like Ulquiorra in that retrospective, thinking he could act cool and hide his emotions.

Orihime ignored it though as she moved her hands around placing the bread from the bakery in a small basket, with some other treats. Lately red bean paste had been making her sick, so only jelly would be on the bread today. “I am.” she smiled at him, blushing slightly. Ishida’s cool eyes looked at her a moment, like he was reading her.

“Is something wrong?” he finally said, ever since he had arrived he had noticed something strange about her and even about Cifer but never said anything, but it needed to be mentioned now seeing her so nervousness.

“Wrong?” her eyes widen innocently as her arm went under her breasts and the other one raised to her face, her finger touching her lip. “No nothing is wrong, why?” and it was the truth, nothing was wrong….she hoped it would stay that way.

“You seem different, your reiatsu is strange and thick.” his voice was low and serious, “it reminds me of Cifer‘s and even Kurosaki‘s somewhat.” Orihime swallowed, she looked to the side for a moment hesitating.

“Nothing is wrong.” her hand touched his arm, “I promise Ishida-kun…OH!” she smiled, her heart beating erratically in her chest as she felt a huge wave of reistus approach her apartment, “they’re here!” she grabbed the basket of bread instructing Ishida to carry the tea out. Ishida watched her his eyes not leaving her figure. Her reiatsu had changed the last two months, he couldn’t figure out why at first in which his father called him an no good if he couldn’t see it. Even Kuroskai, as dense as he was noticed it once too. But no one said anything to Orihime thinking it would go away or if something was wrong she would tell them before anything bad happened.

And the fact the reiatsu was vaguely similar to Ulquiorra’s. Not as strong or as deep, but it was something. He shook his head, grabbing the carrier that held the cups and tea and followed her out, hopping whatever her announcement was it could explain the mysterious reiatsu even though it would pop in the back of his mind sometimes, but he pushed that thought away.

Pregnancy seemed too absurd.


Before she called her friends over, Ulquiorra had asked her why she had to tell them all at once, he saw it wasn’t their business of what was happening between them. Orihime just sighed and smiled at him, saying that they were her friends and that needed to know.

He didn’t say anything and looked away. Orihime just sighed and continued cooking dinner. And now here they were sitting in front of her, their expressions pure shock but there was no anger or disgust.

They were simply shocked.

A part of her would feel the same way if Tatsuki-chan or Kuchiki-san suddenly told her they were pregnant with a (ex?) hollows baby. Though that situation was impossible, but Orihime figured it was the thought that counted that she did understand.

She just wished that they would say something. She shifted nervously, her hand tightening over the tea cup. Her mind raced, should she say something else? She looked down before she heard Sado-kun’s low voice suddenly speak.


She blinked, looking up tears forming in her eyes. Her nakama and Ulquiorra’s relationship was a strange thing, they accepted him to a point and he seemed to get along with a few of them (even stealing Ishdia-kun‘s clothes at first and sometimes still, she wondered how she hadn‘t noticed he was wearing the Quincy Cross on some of them.); but it really went no farther then that, just friendly terms for her happiness, a part of her…the dark part of her heart felt they wouldn’t accept this change now and would abandon her.

All those doubts went away when she heard her friends deep, kind voice.

Oirhime’s brown eyes then traveled to Kuchiki-san who hand lightly touched Orihime’s wrist. She shook slightly, but Rukia gave her a reassuring smile. Despite any jealousy and dislike she had against Rukia at one time, she still held a high admiration for the older shinigami and adored her. “Congratulations Inoue.” her voice was soft and low, but Orihime could see a tint of worry ion her eyes as she looked away, Abarai-kun smiled at her but she also noticed the same expression on his face.

As well as Ishida-kun. But he smiled, his face softening. “I see that this is what my father was talking back, I had my suspicious” he said. Orihime’s eyes widen she leaned over and stared at him.

“You did!?”

He nodded, “It seems obvious now…but if this is what you want Inoue-san then we will support you.” his eyes moved up to Ulquiorra’s then narrowing slightly. “But have you two thought of the consequences of what this could mean for you both and the child?” Orihime’s lips tighten and she didn’t say anything, since the truth was she really hadn’t thought far as to just tell them she was pregnant.

“No.” she said, “I haven’t.” Orihime felt embarrassed then and a little naïve in thinking just telling them was her last obstacle. Rukia sighed then smiled, “It’s something we can discuss later then. I guess we should celebrate!” she laughed. Orihime smiled but her eyes traveled over to where Kurosaki-kun was sitting, she was nervous. Her romantic feelings for him were gone, but he was still a good friend and she really held his opinion high.

Rukia watched her leg moving out and kicking Ichigo’s knee that was under the table. “Fuck!” he yelled, “What the hell Rukia?!” Rukia glared at him and Ichigo sighed an looked over at Orihime, he looked irritated but then again that seemed to be his default look so she wasn’t too concerned about that.

“Kurosaki-kun?” she whispered. Everything seemed to be going great between them all, she knew that tit was stupid to need approval from her friends for something major, but was it so wrong to want to share her happiness?

“Ah…Inoue.” his voice was low, “I’m not sure what to say, I mean it’s…kinda hard to digest at first.” Orihime nodded, it took her a few days to really believe it also, and she could see that Ulquiorra was still processing it even though he acted like it was fine. She would at times catch him staring at the ultrasound. “but,” he smiled. “We’re friends so of course I’m happy for you.” she smiled then, feeling suddenly foolish for worrying so heavily about this and doubting her friends. She was older now, she should know by now they wouldn’t leave or hate her over something so small.

Tears gathered in her eyes and she nodded her hands moving up and covering her face. She felt someone move forward towards her and then move her into a hug, it was Kuchiki-san. She buried her face into her shoulder, shaking slightly.

Trying to ignore the other thoughts pounding into her head.


Orihime waved good bye to her friends. Though Kuchiki-san told her before she left they needed to talk as soon as possible. So she planned to come and see Orihime during her lunch break at the bakery. Orihime was excited though she knew the conversation was going to be serious, but as of now she didn’t want any of those thoughts to bug her or destroy the sense of peace and happiness that had welled up in her.

Orihime rubbed her hairpins again with her fingers, feeling the power that was stored in them rush through her body, relaxing her as she knelt down at the shrine of her brother. It was a nightly ritual that she did, praying and then telling him about her day. She wondered how he would react if he met Ulquiorra and knew she was pregnant. Orihime knew that he would support her, like he always did.

She touched the picture, tracing it almost before smiling. Her and Ulquiorra hadn’t talked about names all that much, but she felt somewhere inside that her first child would be named after the man who gave up his life to raise her. She replaced the picture and stood up humming, walking back to their bedroom.

Nothing had happened between them the night before, Orihime wasn’t sure if she was disappointed or relieved but it didn’t matter. It felt like things were stabilizing between them now, the last few days have been stressful with the news but now it seemed there was no more secrets and just live and move on, well that was half the truth. There was a lot more to be done and talked about, but at least for this night she felt at peace.

“Ulquiorra?“ she whispered as she walked into the room; He was laying down, after they left he went to lay down. Saying that the prototype gigia was sucking up his energy though she felt it was only half the truth but ignored it, not wanting to start a fight now. If he still acted that way tomorrow she would make him see Urahara-san. “Are you awake?”

He didn’t say anything at first, she walked closer and when she reached his side of the futon she kneeled down beside him. Touching his face slightly tracing the place where his tear marks were once. It was hard getting used to his face like that, but it was interesting to see him look completely human. Then his eyes opened staring straight at her, Orihime jumped back startled almost.

“I am now.” he said, his tone low and sleepy. “What do you need?” Orihime opened her mouth and then shut it, wondering if it was a good idea at all. It was something she wanted to do….maybe make them feel more comfortable around each other then they were now. The touching and kissing was still minimal like it never existed sometimes and she wanted to change that.

She closed her eyes and took a breath, straightening her self out and moving back to where she was. “Sit up!” she said smiling, her eyes widen slightly as she reached over and grabbed his hand. It felt the same in the gigia, it was kinda amazing. His fingers long and the calluses still there even his black fingernails survived the transition for some reason.

Her other hand moved and pushed up her pink shirt and moved down her skirt, she had a small bump that was the only real physical sign of her pregnancy that people could see. Everything else was something she could only notice and Ulquiorra somewhat since her morning sickness seemed to have gotten worse. She took his hand and placed it over the small bump. It was cool and she shook slightly nervous and wondering just what she was doing. Orihime looked up and say Ulquiorra staring, his eyes wide at where she placed his hand. His eyes then flickered up to her and they connected, she smiled.

He had seen glimpses of her stomach before but never really touched it. Everything about this situation was still shocking to Ulquiorra, he was dealing with it the best he could. The last two night had been hard on his sleeping, staying up and thinking about it. What the child would look like and how it would affect her and just how things would work out.

He wished he had the woman’s optimism.

And now he stared at where she had placed his hand it has become very really to him. Their eyes connected then, Orihime moved forward and kissed him. The kiss was soft and slow at first their hands moving and wrapping around each other, Ulquiorra moved back and she laid on top of him. Moving slightly so she startled him, the kissing became more heated as time went out., Their mouths opening and tongues moving in and against each other. Ulquiorra’s hands moved down, moving under her shirt and Orihime didn’t stop him.

Because this time he wouldn’t be leaving in the morning.
Tags: fic story: surprises, pairing: ulquiorra x orihime, series: bleach

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