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Title: Surprises
Rating: PG-13
Summary: One night of passion, sets Ulquiorra and Orihime up for the rest of their life.
Character(s): Ulquiorra x Orihime.
Warnings: Pregnant/family fic
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: Kubo Tite
Bete'd: none
Chapters: 4/?
Notes: Multichapter fic. And this will be longer then expected, I still have the goal of finishing it before 2011 though.

Please review. :3

My friend ConcreteLemonade drew the Tatsuki and Ulquiorra confrontation from chapter 3:

Working at the shop was a relatively quiet experience. No one really came in all that much during the first few days that Ulquiorra worked there, he sat behind the counter as he watched the two teenagers that worked beside him argue and clean. Urahara and the other muscular man that worked here, Tessai he learned his name was (and that he had been told many time before this. But he didn't care) would come and keep him company. Since he had told Urahara about the child, he seemed he needed to tell the co-workers as well, so the Tessai seemed to have made it his business to ask and give ill-advise "advice".

Which made Ulquiorra realize he didn't know much of what was going on with the Woman. His hands clenched in his pockets as he stared ahead of him, his green eyes half lidded in boredom. The woman sometimes would come on her break and bring him cupcakes or bread to eat, as well for the others.

Ulquiorra enjoyed it when she came though she refused to eat what he was eating. Saying it made her stomach churn and made her throw up more. It was getting hard to work but she did it, Orihime's morning sickness had gotten worse the last few days to the point her boss let her soon leave until she could get it controlled but either way she still came and brought him food and ate with him.

It seems his duties in working hadn't come to eradicating hollows like he thought it would. Which in the end Ulquiorra didn't mind, he didn't care to fight unless it was absolutely necessary, but just sitting and doing nothing was just as mind numbing.

"Ulquiorra." he heard a deep voice say, at first they tried to use honorifics but he refused it, he didn't care for how humans showed 'respect' with that way, it was annoying at most. He turned when he heard his name to see Urahara standing in the door way holding something.

"It's done?" he asked, green eyes widening as he walked over. Urahara nodded half smiling as he walked into the back room. Ulquiorra fought back a sigh and followed him, relieved on some level to get it over with. The prototype was annoying on the level that it didn't even seem to be a good prototype. He didn't say anything and followed him, wondering why the woman was late.


Orihime sighed, turning over on her side. She had been napping on the couch, as the last few weeks her energy as been next to nothing. She couldn't get any food into her stomach other then tea and some food that Tatsuki-chan would bring over or what Ulquiorra "forced" her to eat.

Then at times there would she wouldn't be able to stop eating, but would end up throwing it all up again. Ulquiorra would have to spend at least half the night holding her hair, or with water so she didn't dehydrate after she was done. Orihime wasn't sure if it was something normal or an affect of the type of baby she was pregnant with. She sighed as curled up into a ball, glad that she had pulled her hair up into a messy bun since it would pull when she moved.

A part of Orihime worried with how she was feeling, she couldn't see a normal doctor and Ishida-san and Kurosaki-san didn't exactly have the right skills to do a pregnancy, the only person she could (and was comfortable) in asking was Unohana-san but she was nervous. Kuchiki-san had told her she wasn't sure how Soul Society would react, but she couldn't keep it a secret much longer, things had changed since the war with Aizen. They seemed more accepting, but Orihime couldn't help but fear they would try something.

She buried her face in the pillow. It was a subject she avoided with Ulquiorra, but knew she would have to bring it up. He would question her and they fought over what and why she wasn't telling him which just ended with her crying and then sick. She sighed, sitting up and putting her arms over her legs, he would be home soon. Orihime felt guilty for not getting out of bed and seeing him at lunch, but she couldn't do it. She got up, pulling her on her shirt as she walked into the kitchen.

Then there was a loud crashing sound and windows breaking. Orihime turned around, her eyes widen in surprise and fear before she was pushed back into the wall from the pressure. Her shield went up instantly in front of her, her heart pounding as the dust started to settle.

And there stood a large hollow, Orihime couldn't make out the details of his mask, which in the end didn't seem to matter all that much anyway. Her body shook, it had been awhile since she had truly fought something. Let alone while she was pregnant, she stood her legs shaking slightly. A part of her wondered why she didn't even sense it, or how it got so far to get into her house considering Kuroskai-kun didn't live too far from her, and Ishida-kun….but she closed her eyes erasing those thoughts. She had no time to think, or even listen to the only thing running through her mind as the hollow came closer to her, was to run but she had no way out.

Before she couldn't take any kind of action, it's large claw tried to break the shield, she stumbled back down to the ground, her face slamming against the wall again but the shield didn't crack as easily as it used to, she moved up fast, trying to move back and give her self room as she stretched her hands out again, calling for Tsubaki but before the thought could even form in her head there was a loud scream of pain and terror mixed in together and a sickening crack of a skull and then nothing.

Orihime opened her eyes slowly to see Ulquiorra standing there, in his second release staring at the body that was starting to disappear. She put her arms down, breathing hard as Ulquiorra turned and stared at her, his eyes wide with an emotion she never thought she see there. "Ulquiorra…" she said slowly, tears welling up in her eyes. Fear finally running through her, she took too long, she and her baby were almost killed.

Ulquiorra walked towards her, his hand out making her stand up. "Are you hurt?" his voice was soft and a little cold. Though she knew that he did care and it was just how he was in such situations. She nodded, whipping her face as she touched her stomach, worry penetrating her heart suddenly as to what would happen now. Her head ached and she saw his eyes widen and his head reached out touching her head. "It seems your not." he pulled his hand back and showed her the blood coming down from her face.

She felt light headed suddenly, her eyes blurring and after that nothing.

Ulquiorra barely caught her as she fumbled to the ground, his eyes still wide and his mouth tight as he picked her up and walked out where the hollow had destroyed half the home, not wanting to sigh as he held on to her tightly, jumping out and moving towards where Kuroskai lived.

Trying not to pay attention the emotions running through him.


Orihime was still asleep when he brought her to Kurosaki's father who didn't see worried all that much, but had her transferred to the town hospital and Ryuuken taking care of her. Though both men tried to act like things were calm at first, but he knew they were testing for the child and how it was doing. And his chest squeezed thinking about what could happen and how Orihime would deal with it.

How would he deal with it?

He wasn't sure, this whole situation in the end was beyond his comprehension. It seemed, liked she had told him once. To 'take it one day at a time' and to not worry about the little things, but since he had gained his heart Ulquiorra examined any 'new' feelings he would get from it. These feelings, unlike in the beginning, we not "sinful" or "negative" in anyway. But at this time, he honestly didn't want to think beyond what was happening now, because those feelings he wasn't ready to examine, given the relationship he had now with her was still new and those feelings were as overwhelming as they had been when they first appeared so many years ago.

This heart was more complicated then he expected.

"Cifer." he looked up to see the Woman's nakama running in, the Quincy looking at him with wide and fearful eyes. Annoyance ran through him for a moment but ignored it as he stood up, hands in pockets and his face stony.

But before the Quincy could say anything Kurosaki yelled, "Is she okay?!" his brown eyes fiery with concern.

"She is fine." he replied in a cold tone, "I got there in time, and she was protecting herself well, the hollow was weak but considering how weak with sickness she has been, she was caught off guard and injured, but your fathers have said she and the child are fine." his voice was controlled and low, watching as Kurosaki let go, Rukia pulling him back. The female shinigami had some kind of hold on him, just like how the Woman had on him it seems.

Arisawa didn't say anything her face hard as she walked over to the sheet separating Orihime from them. She didn't do anything like she for once was controlling herself, and it was then a small, soft voice said his name. "Ulquiorra…?" and everyone turned towards the sheet, Tatsuki without warning opened it to see Orihime laying there, an IV in her arm and her head bandaged, but other then that she was fine. "Tatsuki-chan?!" her voice was hoarse in surprise.

"Orihime!" she yelled running and sitting beside the bed, hugging her friend. He never really saw Tatsuki be affectionate like that with anyone besides Orihime, it was something he felt they both had in common in the end.

The rest of the nakama walked over, Ulquiorra stood apart watching them, not sure what he was feeling over their happy smiles and hugs over her. He turned then when he saw someone step beside him, the Quincy's father, Ryuuken was watching the scene with cold indifference. He liked the man more then he did his son.

"Is she okay?" he started first, the question on his mind that had been bugging him since he came to the hospital an hour or so ago. The man looked over to him, his eyes glancing over his glasses.

"Both her and the fetus survived and will be no complications. But I should warn you that her reiatsu has changed, it was barely noticeable at first but now it seems it can put her in danger. I wouldn't leave her alone." he turned and walked away. Ulquiorra stared at him and then back at her, he noticed it as well, but ignored it and in doing so her foolishly risked her life and a child that she wanted.

The woman the last few weeks had refused to tell him what Kuchiki and her talked about, but now it seems she wouldn't be able to hide it anymore. And the visit that Urahara like she had been refusing to do. It seems that they both have been acting irresponsible, to the point that the woman probably thought he didn't know that her symptoms were not normal. He sighed, his hand coming up and rubbing his eyes, he looked to side seeing some looks he was getting, since his new gigia had given back the tear marks.

He then put his hand back in his pocket and walked over to her.


Orihime stayed in the hospital for about a day for observation to make sure things were going well. While there she was able to heal herself with her fairies, not wanting people to see and ask questions. And especially having her friends worry more over her, it was comforting and nice at first but Orihime couldn't help but worry that they would be over protective again like when she was younger.

They weren't able to return the apartment, they had gotten kicked out just like she did when her brother attacked her so many years ago. So as of right now they were staying in a hotel until Orihime felt better to go out and look for a new apartment, which wouldn't be hard since this kind of stuff worked out for her and it gave her a chance to find one closer to work.

She sighed, curling under the blankets, Ulquiorra was sitting beside her reading one of her manga he found during the clean up. Tatsuki-chan was storing their belongings that they didn't take to the hotel at her parents house until they were ready to move. A part of Orihime was embarrassed with the help, being used to doing these kind of things by herself. But it was something that needed to be done, since she was sick and Ulquiorra wouldn't leave her side after what they learned from Ishida-san and then a few hours ago had talked with Urahara-san.

Her reiatsu and the baby's reiatsu had mixed together, and Orihime already had powerful reiatsu but mixing a baby who was part hollow just made her a big target. In the lines of Ulquiorra and Kuroskai-kun, who both were able to hide and control it now but she had no ability to do so, since even for an unborn child it's reiatsu was strong enough to be such trouble. They weren't sure why or how the reiatsu was doing this, but it given to the fact it was an abnormal pregnancy with no real precedent to show them what to expect.

Down to it, Orihime 'got' the general idea of it and understood why the hollow attacked her and what it could mean if she wasn't prepared again; and it would be harder as the months went by for her to really be able to protect herself. Since she would be slower an heavier and the reiatsu around her would get more "powerful" or "stronger". She honestly didn't like the situation, but it was what had to be done.

She looked over at Ulquiorra again, studying his face. He had been quiet (well more then usual) and seemed to be distant concerning her. It seemed he was thinking a lot about something he didn't want to share with her, which frustrated Orihime since he had also called Urahara-san over without even consulting her. Going into what she and Kuchiki-san talked about and what to do, Orihime was nervous knowing the moment she was better or well enough to not sleep all the time they would be going to Soul Society.

She was foolish to think there wouldn't be some kind off catch with this.

"Ulquiorra, what are you thinking about?" she sat up, pulling on her hair which was in a bun on top of her head, she leaned over her shoulder touching his as she looked at her hands. Ulquiorra gave her a side glance not saying anything for a few minutes.

"Nothing in particular." he finally answered, turning a page in the book. Orihime nodded sighing as he glanced at him, her lips scrunched up together like she didn't believe him.

"That surprises me, to be honest. That Ulquiorra Cifer isn't thinking over something." she laughed and Ulquiorra looked at her then, his expression the same as ever but she can tell he wasn't amused with her joke.

"If you want to know," Orihime tensed by his voice which was cool. He had been so serious since she had gotten out. "I was thinking about the child." Orihime's eyes widen. She was usually the one that started the baby talk, she knew that even though he wanted to be with her, he still seemed to avoid to really think or talk about the baby. It hurt slightly, but a part of her could understand since this was something he had no real skills in understanding.

"What about him?" she said softly, her breath catching as her hand moved up and touched her chest. Slightly nervous about what he really thought about the baby, if he even wanted the baby since he had shown no real interest, but at the same time what kind of interest was she expecting from him?

It was slightly foolish of her to expect him to really feel the same way she did, and that hurt to think and know about. But it was the truth in the end and Orihime knew she needed to accept it.

Before she could really think more on this, he answered her. "I was thinking of what the child would look like." it surprised her but she didn't say anything, just watching as he closed his eyes and leaned back, shutting the book. "If his reiatsu is already like this, it makes me wonder if the child will be 'normal' for human standards."

Orihime's eyes widen, she did think about this and also wonder. What exactly they would do if there was a physical look that they couldn't hide. Like what if the baby had his tear marks? Or wings, a tail?! Her eyes grew wide, like how would she catch the baby when it learned to fly and flew out the window and got lost. Thus being found by aliens and being raised in their culture, only to come back years later hard and cold with strength.

"Woman, stop it." his voice startled her out of her daydream, making her jump slightly when she looked at him.

"Stop what?" she said frowning, she was only considering what their winged baby would look and act like when raised by aliens. Ulquiorra stared at her and shook his head as his hand moved up and fingers poking her forehead, she squeaked and her eyes shut.

"I know how you are, you're thinking something ridiculous again." Orihime frowned, pouting as she crossed her arms at him.

"And if I am, anything wrong with that Ulquiorra? At least I have an imagination!" she puffed out her cheek and blew out, her eyes down as she realized she said something without thinking. Ulquiorra looked at her, his eyes wide and lips turned up amused somewhat.

"That is true, you have enough for the both of us. Hopefully the child has you easy attitude." Orihime looked up at him, amazed slightly.

"Really," she smiled moving closer leaning down and moving her body on him. Her head on his lap, held up by her hands. She smiled deviously at him, her legs swinging back and forth. "What else do you hope the baby is like?"

Ulquiorra stared at her for a moment, his eyes not blinking or disconnecting from hers for even a moments. "To be like you, the child wouldn't fair well if it is like me in anyway." Orihime's mouth dropped open, she sat up more straddling his legs as she her face got serious.

"You shouldn't say that."

"It's true." he closed his eyes and Orihime knew his mind was made you and that to him it was the "logical" conclusion and thus right. Just because he had gained a heart didn't mean everything about his thinking was totally changed, which Orihime admitted she was grateful for. She wouldn't know how to act if he didn't act like well…Ulquiorra.

Orihime though she disagreed with him wasn't sure what to say, she bite her lips moving closer to him. Her forehead against his, he opened his eyes then watching her and not saying anything but she knew he wanted too. "You shouldn't say such things, the way I act is no more "better" then you. I want the baby to be like us both nad it's own individual person." Ulquiorra didn't say anything else as she pulled back and crossed her arms, propping her breasts up since she wasn't wearing a bra.

"There is logic in that, but I simple just answered your question, Woman." his voice was slow and steady and Orihime sighed.

"I know." she needed to change the conversation but not wanting to break it from the baby. She really wanted to have a steady feel in how he was taking all of this. "What do you think he'll look like?" Orihime knew it was presumptuous to be saying 'he' but it felt right, and her woman's intuition told her so.

"It will look like an infant." he said his eyes wide and Orihime side knowing he was serious and slightly annoyed that he was still calling the baby an 'it' even though it was no worse then her calling it the wrong gender. But before she could utter a correction he spoke again. "the child will most likely have my hair color with gentics I read from one of your human books, and your eye color I assume going by that." Orihime smiled, he was being technical but true.

Yeah…I agree." she yawned suddenly not wanting to talk about it as she moved off of his lap and laid down again under the covers, curling up on his side. Ulquiorra looked down his face softening somewhat as he put his hand on her head, touching her hair in a brushing movement. A comfortable silence entered and her breathing slowed Ulquiorra moved his hand away, looking ahead from him, he was thinking a lot about what they had learned.

He felt the concerns over the child's appearance wasn't as drastic as the all the shinigami and her were making it to be. But the reiatsu concerned him more, and how Soul Society would act towards the news. He wasn't exactly in their good graces no matter what changes they made t 'accept' those in Hueco Mundo and the vizards.

Ulquiorra's lips tighten slightly as he laid down, Orihime's warm body moved closer to his. His head turned towards her and his face and eyes softened. In the end, like it had been the moment he stepped back into the Human World to be with her, mattered if she was happy.

And he would make sure that meeting tomorrow did not destroy that.
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